Friday, July 2, 2010

*NEW* sayang =)

first of all i just want share the stupid story to all!
Guess what?my *new*sayang is actually is my new phone!
actually my *new*phone that i buy actually i have used B4!
when i sold my old phone to get a new phone....actually is my BIGGEST MISTAKE!
FYI....i love nokia because i have used nokia since im standard 4!
so i know all the function!
i actually have used iphone erricson and motorolla!
sorry to say this ALL SUCKS!
i LOVE nokia so MUCH!
and start FROM NOW i have to appreciate on what i HAVE!

P/s=miss my old phone...=(


Olaaaaa everybody!
im still *new* here!
BUT i bet all of u..were happy when u reaLLy know me!
i hope here i can make a new FRIENDS!

P/s=nice to meet u =)